Friday, March 16, 2012

Yay! I got a new toy!

Yippee! My hubby surprised me by suggesting we go to the Apple store before our appointment at the RV dealer. I got an iPad 3, which launched today! I've wanted an iPad forever. Rarely can I manage to sit down at my computer to do anything so all my online time is accomplished on my iPhone and the tiny screen probably contributes to my migraines. Especially since I passionately love reading with my kindle ap (even though I have an actual kindle, I use it mainly for trips or reading in bed). Our computers are both dinosaurs, each around 10 years old, so we'd been planning these upgrades awhile. I went with an iPad and the hubby is going to get a laptop sometime soon. With the move to RV living in our near future we need to be as light weight & mobile as possible. I'm so excited!

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