Saturday, December 3, 2011

Final Fall Frolic

A few days ago we spent an afternoon walking around a nearby lake and letting the kids play in the fallen leaves. It was so much fun. I love Autumn but I'm also very happy to be moving into the holiday season.





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  1. Dear Meegan-I just hate computer problems. Hope you sorted it out!!
    Oh!! I can't believe how big your two little ones have grown!!! Nora is such a big girl...and darling:) And little Wyatt has grown so much. I love these pics...they have captured fall+ babies + delight + family + love!!
    I did receive your e-mail meegan-sorry i have not had a chance to properly respond. we are moving in under 3 weesk and you know what a pain that is!!! Hopefully i will have some time in the next few weeks to send you a response. In the meantime...enjoy your cutie babies and the love of your family. xxxx They are precious and time is so fleeting.