Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lots of creativity going on here!

For the past few weeks I've been rather quiet here at my blog because I've been caught up in "real" life. Nora is a VERY active toddler and at 4 months old Wyatt is also trying to get mobile, rolling about on the floor & trying to climb out of his bouncy seat. They take alot of supervision! :).
Recently I've started letting Nora experiment with painting. We work on projects two or three times a week. She loves it!! And since I'm getting art supplies out for her I don't have any excuse not to dabble in them myself. I've started work on a few little projects. It's so much fun to dip my toes into the creative water. Up until now all art I've created has been digital. I've never had the nerve to play with paints before. We have a lot of bare walls in our new apartment & unfortunately limited finances leave me unable to splurge on buying the gorgeous art of all my bloggy friends, so maybe I can try my hand at making my own art. Here's a little canvas I started working on; my first art project since high school 20+ years ago:

Besides taking care of babies & dabbling in art projects I've also been mulling over changes in design & content for my blog. Here at Blue Moon Mama I want to start broadening out a bit, posting more parenting & homemaking content along with my daily life/art attempts/ general ramblings. So hopefully over the next few months you'll start seeing a few changes around here!

And to brighten your day, here's Nora creating some wearable art for herself:

And her finished art project:

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  1. Dear Meegan-Little Nora looks sooooo adorable painting up a storm!! And I love you artwork too. It's beautiful...really. I think that some of the best art we can put up on our walls are that of our children. They are full of love and memories and creativity and growth and magic. Tara's art is ALL over the house. For real!! When we settle down I am going to devote a whole wall to her art!
    I am so glad to hear of all your graet news...I will write you more soon...in an e-mail. I am so proud of you and...I have such a good feeling about...all the new stuff going on over here!! P.S. thanks so much for all of your encouragement Meegan. I am super excited about Somerset! xxx