Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simple parenting tip: Buy oversized socks!

Wyatt likes to kick his feet A LOT and his sweet little baby socks come off every few minutes which is frustrating because he always has cold feet & has to have socks on. This morning he didn't have clean socks and all his footie pjs are also in the wash so out of desperation I grabbed a pair of Nora's socks and put them on. She wears a size 8 in baby shoes so these are some pretty BIG socks compared to his tiny feet but guess what? They are perfect!! Why did no one tell me about this before? The sock bands fit really well around his legs as you can see in the photo & he can't kick them off!! Another great thing is he won't outgrow these every month as he would the baby socks meant for his age group! So there is a little tip for new parents: buy BIG socks! Lol

Actually, its probably best to buy all your baby clothes oversized. With my first daughter Nora we were inexperienced new parents and always bought clothes according to her age. Newborn clothes when she was new born, 6 months clothes when she was 6 months etc. and it seemed as if we were buying clothes every time we turned around (because we were). I have 4 boxes of adorable barely worn baby girl outfits stuffed in a closet. Eventually she was growing so fast that she was wearing one to two sizes above her age group. Currently at 21 months she likes to wear size 4T clothes. She could wear 2T or 3T but she's hit an age were she likes things a bit loose, plus being oversized gives her room to grow with the clothes. I won't have to replace her favorite outfits every month. She's wearing a 5T Great Pumpkin tshirt in the picture to the right of her at Maymount Park last week and with the exception of having to roll the sleeves it's comfortably loose and perfect. Also,  the camouflage onsie in Wyatt's photo (I think it's ugly but an Aunt gave it to Wyatt & Nora picked it out for him to wear today) is also oversized. It's a 12 month outfit. So there you have it, my parenting tip of the month, Buy Big! ;-)

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