Monday, September 26, 2011

I am....

...starting each day with spiritual inspiration. I need Grace in my life. It helps me feel centered.
...burning to start a long-held creative dream but afraid to make the leap. The dream needs a little collaboration to take flight and I'm not brave enough yet to reach out & ask for help.
...struggling to add a little exercise to my daily routine. My 39th bday has inspired me to try & make some life changes.
...focusing on improving my attitude & cultivating positive thinking. I an going to choose to be happy.
...realizing that all my big dreams & life goals have come true and feeling profoundly grateful for my life & my family, even on the less than perfect days :). 
         What about you? What are you up too right now?


  1. Dear Meegan-what haertfelt words! I am ever so glad that you are thinking about taking flight into your creative dreams. I can be so so scary...but the intention is there and it will grow just have to nourish it.
    I wanted to thank you so much for your very kind + loving words. I have been so moody lately...PMS!!! So not fun! Sending you lots of great ju-ju (still my fave word from Flying Lessons!) xxx

  2. Meegan, this sounds so good. I know what you mean about being afraid to make the leap. It certainly is a big step, and yes, it can be scary. One day you will be ready, I know that. You know, we're here to encourage you and cheer you on!!!