Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

I turned 39 on Sept 15th and my husband surprised me with a 4 day trip up to Concord, Boston, & Salem Mass. Since my grandma bought me my first copy of Little Women at age 8 I've been a devoted fan of it's writer Louisa Mat Alcott. In my teens I discovered Ralph Waldo Emerson's wonderful Essays and Henry David thoreau's Walden and fell in love with them as well. When I discovered my 3 favorite American writers all lived in the same New England town I knew I someday HAD to visit it. I put Concord on my must-see-before-I-die list. Now, thanks to my husband that dream has come true and I've stood in the very rooms were my idols wrote their great works. I've dipped my toes in Walden Pond. I am a very happy woman. Best memories: holding hands with my husband while our babies slept between us at night & watching from the upstairs bedroom of the Alcott house as my wonderful husband played with my beautiful daughter in the garden. 

Here I am at Walden Pond:


  1. Meegan-happy happy birthday!! sounds like you had a heavenly trip! So thoughtful of hubby to do that for you. How are you sweet lady? Isn't time just flying by? It's already mid Sept.!!! Where did the year go to?
    I am loving the pics of your babies in your sidebar...they are simply amazing. How is Nora doing? And little Wyaat?
    I wanted to thank you for the very wonderful comments you left on my blog last week. It's so fun trying new things out. and yeah...I love the Misty Mawn book. There are so many mixed media books out there, it's difficult to know what to choose.
    Is it cooling down over there? It's starting to over here. A welcome cahnge for me. Chat soon. xxx

  2. Meegan, I love the photo of yourself. How precious for you that you could fulfill a dream of yours and that your husband made that happen. I read a little bit about it on your Facebook page - do you have more photos somewhere?