Friday, August 5, 2011

Older (& Wiser?)

Ok, you know you're no longer a 20 or even a 30 something when you pick up a copy of Glamour magazine at your doctors office and are left wondering who are these celebrities & why do they dress so badly?!!
  These looks are cool ?? I just want to tell the girl on the right to pull up her jeans!! I guess I truly am getting older. Thank God.


  1. he he he Meegan!!! I know just what you mean!!! I have no idea who most of these (younger) celebrities are either. and quite frankly...I really don't care! Love the pics...nora in her pink dress...too adorable. And little blond boy with dimples Wyatt = cutie-pootie!! You must be so happy just relishing in your new family. Enjoy every moment. It is gold. xxx

  2. And who cares about these people anyway???