Monday, August 1, 2011

A new day and new beginning!

Welcome August! Today is the first day of the month and our first full day at our new apartment. I'm so happy!! It really feels like a new beginning, a turning over of a new leaf or emergence from a long winter hibernation. I feel alive and energized as we start down our new path as a family of four. The move to this (smaller) apartment is meant to lead to a simplified, more authentic life of focusing on the things that are important to me: family time, creating a cozy home, exploring my creativity, developing a healthier lifestyle and getting out in the world more. So far I'm off to a great start. I woke up early this morning while the kids were still sleeping and spent some nice quality alone time with the hubby before he had to go off to work. Then I spent some time cutting up watermelon that we bought last night at the farmers market and planning a nice healthy dinner for tonight. When Nora woke up I got in snuggle time with both kids while watching Nora's new favorite video, The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Already it's been a lovely, productive day and it's not quite 9:30 in the morning yet. 

We still aren't completely moved. We only have the basic necessities set up & I have tons of organizing & beautifying to do but I'll get it all done in due time. I'm just enjoying the process and taking things slowly.

By the way, I am officially back to blogging on a regular basis. For starters I plan to post at least twice a week and eventually hope to post even more often. I feel a need to preserve a little record of this time in my life while I'm learning, growing & evolving right along with my two sweet babies. Maybe it won't be the most scintillating read for others as I record my daily life but so be it. Mine may not be the most entertaining or artful or creative or inspiring blog around but I've realized that's ok. I might not ever get featured in Artful Blogger as I've daydreamed about for years but that's ok too. I've realized I want this place to be a true reflection of me and my life, not some place I come to impress or gain approval from others. I'm just me and that's pretty darn good. I'm coming more and more into mySELF and I love the feeling.  

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