Friday, July 8, 2011

An unexpeced road trip

Due to two (not unexpected) deaths of my husband's elderly relatives in Ohio we are on the road to attend funerals. It's about a nine or ten hour drive to the Cleveland area from our home in Virginia and we decided it would be easier on our babies if we did the majority of the trip overnight. So it's nearly 1 am and we're stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on I-95. The hubby and I are giggling over crazy late night call in radio shows and eating snacks while both our little ones are snoozing away.  I hope the trip goes smoothly. I wasn't expecting to be traveling just two & a half weeks after having a c-section but you do what you have too. My hubby's parents aren't in good enough health to travel to the funerals & we felt a duty to represent our side of the family. My husband has very fond childhood memories of both of the relatives who passed. I hope this weekend won't be too hard on him.

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  1. Dear Meegan-please accept my deepest sympathies. that must be really difficult...especially with 2 little ones!
    On a brighter note...I loved seeing the pics of you with your 2 adorable so happy you all look; content! And i totally agree with you on the rebirthing...that's where i am too. Feels good and right and where we should be! Oh!!! Don't you just LOVE all the new KRR stuff??? Can't wait to get my hands on afew things! xxx