Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cultivating roots

Above is a photo of how our little ones slept every night during our 5 day visit in Ohio. It was wonderful snuggling up together every night & the kids slept sooo soundly! We co- sleep with Nora at home but Wyatt sleeps in his own bassinet beside us usually. This was a cozy change!

Despite the sad circumstances of our visit we had a wonderful time reconnecting with my husband's large family. I'd forgotten how wonderfully chaotic it can be to be surrounded by a large family all talking and laughing and reminiscing at once. I grew up with a family like that but it's been nearly a decade since I moved away & many deaths in my own family have made such gatherings a thing of the past. My husband was just 10 when he & his parents & siblings moved from Ohio to California & he lost contact with all his Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Since our marriage it's been mainly just the two of us on our own but now that we have babies we both wish we could give them a sense of family, belonging, and roots. I really want to be able to spend more time with both of our families so our children can grow up knowing the kind of people they come from & having memories of fun family times. It was really wonderful to see Nora interacting with her cousins. My husband's family was all so warm & accepting. I'm glad to be part of this family!

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  1. This photo is priceless!

    I am catching up here ... so sorry for your losses ... but how lovely to be able to celebrate the bonds of family ... you all look so happy! I love the snuggly shots ... savor this all! (I just want to reach in and smooch some cheeks!)

    xo love Lis