Thursday, May 12, 2011

Enjoying simple moments

This is what I'm focusing on right now, enjoying time with my beautiful girl. In less than a month we will have another amazing new soul to cherish in our family and Nora won't be our only baby any more. As excited as I am to have another wonderful baby it's a bittersweet time as well, knowing I won't be able to devote all of my time just to Nora. I hope we can make it an easy adjustment for her. She is such a joy to us.

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  1. Dear Meegan-Oh! sweet Nora is growing up so fast!! and you are due in a month!!! Oh-you must be pretty tired now-I remember that last month...all the excitement + fatigue + joy + fear +...!!!!What a magical time for you and your family. I am sure Nora will adjust to being a big sister just fine...and will love her baby brother! xxx