Friday, April 8, 2011

Random Thoughts, The Goddess Circle, and The Soul In Bloom

I miss blogging. I also miss sleeping, going to the movies, hours of uninterrupted reading time, and so many other things that you give up when you have babies. The trade off is absolutely worth it though. I get sweet baby kisses. I get to wake up with her little face pressed nose to nose against mine and usually she's already awake and smiling her big beautiful smile. I get to hear my favorite person calling me MomMom. I'd never trade any of that for extra sleep or computer time. It's hard but it's VERY MUCH worth it.

Everything is going fine with me and baby #2. I'm exhausted and sore but that's to be expected. My biggest complaint is that I'm finding it harder and harder to do things with Nora. Picking her up and carrying her around, chasing her around the yard or playground, even just playing with her in the floor is just plain HARD for me now and it makes me feel guilty. I feel like I'm missing out a little on these precious toddler months. I see now why most people spread out having children. Unfortunately at my age waiting a few years between babies wasn't a practical choice. So here we are. I'm dealing with it. Basically I'm in survival mode, which is why I'm still not blogging regularly or posting comments at other blogs. I don't think anyone reads here anymore since I can't keep up with regular posting. It kind of makes me sad since I don't have real life friends. Blogging was my social outlet. Since I don't have a car I literally spend Monday thru Friday never leaving the house and seeing & speaking to just Nora and my husband. It's a bit isolating. I was never a very social person but before moving here to Virginia I always had family around. When I was blogging regularly it filled my need to connect with the world. If I weren't so busy with Nora and upcoming life changes I'd be pretty lonely.

I did join a wonderful Goddess Circle hosted by Goddess Leonie. Unfortunately I haven't had a lot of time to participate yet but the great thing about it is that it's a year long membership so I have plenty of time to do the ecourses, meditations, etc. The forums are really great too. A few days ago I had a minor meltdown and used the forums to vent and got some really wonderful advice and comments. I hope I'll be able to participate more when I have more energy. It really seems like a wonderful and supportive group of women, just what I need.

A lovely blogger friend, Graciel of EvenStar Art, recently created a gorgeous magazine featuring her photography and essays on Spirit. Her writing really lifts my heart so of course I ordered my copy immediately and I highly recommend that anyone reading here order their own copy!! I've been telling her for the past two years how much I'd love to have a hard copy of some of her writing and photos, not just for myself but to share with Nora as she grows older. I'm so proud of Graciel for putting herself out there and fullfilling this dream and I really hope that everyone supports her. Since I don't have any photos or graphics of my own right now I'll add a few from her magazine:


  1. Meegan, Hi. I'm sorry to hear you are having a difficult time and that you are "housebound". I have not been blogging much lately and I think this crazy weather has gotten to most of us this year. I plan on blogging again soon. I'll send you a note when I start again. Hoping you feel better soon. Hope all is well.

  2. Hey, you sneaked some things up! Love those boots of Nora's!

    It has been a tough time for all ... Spring has been slow in arriving ... and I cannot imagine having a toddler AND being pregnant! Did you see Leonie's video about making art with your kids? I would need a tranquilizer as I cannot imagine watching my girl drinking dirty paint water! Still, it is a good reminder to just have fun and focus upon the play and not the outcome.

    It does seem to me the hardest years are when our children are young and our schedules revolve around the naps, snacks, meals, more nap ... very isolating but a finite time. I am so glad you are on the goddess circle and I need to pop over and see what is happening!

    Go gently ...

    xo Lis

  3. Your kindness spreads, even while not feeling well. Thank you so much, Dear Meegan! I hope you love it...

    xoxo, Graciel

  4. Dear Meegan-I had been meaning to send you an email for the longest time...I will get around to it:) I think about you must be almost ready to deliver? I know it must be really difficult being pregnant and having a toddler...but you are so blessed! Pretty soon you will have your little bundle of joy! Try not to worry so much about missing out with Nora...I spend every waking moment with Tara and still feel that...time just flies and how did she grow up so fast etc!!
    Yes! There is just so much to see and do over here in Ca. WE are trying to take full advantage of the proximity many wonderful places. We hope to do a few trips and every day adventure! xxx