Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Flowers

I am desperately in need of Spring. Over the last few months I think I've really sunk into the doldrums of the winter blahs. I'm ready for sunshine, fresh air, and most importantly FLOWERS. Yesterday the neighbors forsythia bushes began to bloom and my hyacinth bulbs have budded. I can hardly wait to smell their sweet fragrance. Oh Spring, please get her soon!!!


  1. I too am in need of some green, some flowers, and some SUN! Thankfully, the robins have been doing their part in the early morning to cheer me up ... but a tough sell when it is still cold outside!

    xo Lis

  2. Meegan,

    A heartfelt congratulations to you and your growing family. I will bet baby boy's gonna be as adorable as Nora is!

    Because you had asked more than once, I wanted to let you know I've made a book, well, actually a magazine, of my blog posts and photos. It will be a 4 part, 4 season collection of magazines for 2011. The first one is almost ready for publication, I'm just awaiting the proof. I tell you this because I have never forgotten your confidence in me and my writing and you inspired me to take this next step. Thank you!

    Sending love,