Friday, December 17, 2010

A bit of a rough time

Hi everyone! My minibreak has become a longer sabatical then I intended but with the holidays and health issues I've needed the time on my own. I probably won't be back to a regular blogging schedule until mid January. I hope you won't forget about me during my down time. I'm still reading everyone's blogs but since I'm limiting my online time I haven't been leaving comments.

I've had a minor health issue I've been dealing with. Turns out the continuous migraines that have been plaguing me (5 days straight this past week, ugh!!) are most likely caused by gestational hypertension (high blood pressure that sometimes comes on for no known reason during pregnancy). I've just been put on blood pressure medication for the rest of my pregnancy and hopefully within a few days my blood pressure will be down and the headaches will go away, or at least lessen. I'm really hoping to say goodbye to this particular demon. All I've wanted to do for the past month is lay in a dark quiet room and sleep the pain away, but that's easier said than down when you have a toddler to take care of full time.

Other than the migraine miseries, everything else in my pregnancy has been going well. At our last appointment we were told the baby is a bit big for it's age, just as Nora was/still is. We had another ultrasound and to me the baby looked alot like Nora in profile, which I loved. No idea why but when I saw it's little face I immediately thought "It's a boy". I haven't really had any feelings about what the baby's gender will be which has been bugging me. With Nora I felt strongly she would be a girl nearly from conception. But this baby is more secretive. I have no idea why I got a boy vibe from the ultrasound image and I could be wrong. I really don't mind either way what gender the baby is. So long as it's healthy. We really wanted a girl the first time and since we got her this baby is a bonus blessing :). So well see if me feeling continues and if I'm right that it's a boy. They should be able to let us know in about 8 weeks at our next ultrasound.

We've been running behind with all our christmas preparations. After our big traditional Thanksgiving dinner complete with tons of left overs we didn't eat, we decided we aren't going to try and go with 'tradition' any more. Neither of us actually like turkey or ham that much. So for Christmas we're making Chinese food and chocolate cake :). I'm looking forward to it! I'm running late on getting my Christmas cards sent out but hopefully will have them done this weekend. We still have a bit of shopping to do, but the big stuff is mainly done. I'm really just trying to relax and spend a lot of time enjoying the holidays with Nora and the hubby. It's really magical having a little one in the house during the holidays. It brings back the magic of the season in a way I haven't felt since I was a kid.

Hope all is well with all my blogging buddies! I do miss you all lots. xoxoxo Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!!! I'll be posting a year in review sometime before New years so I will be back before 2011, lol.


  1. Being pregnant and having another little one is difficult enough, let alone when you are having a hard time of it! I hope the medication kicks in soon so you are feeling a bit better.

  2. Dear Meegan-I am SO sorry to haer about the hypertension but hopefully now that it is diagnosed-you can get rid of those nasty migraines. They can really do you in. feel it's a boy? I can't wait to find out!! But I am with you on this...I never cared about the gender...I just wanted a healthy baby.
    Love the chinese food and chocolate cake idea!! And glad you have most all holiday prepartions done!
    We made an offer on a perfect home Meegan...but now the waiting. Still looking at homes though in case things don't pan out. Raining cats and dogs here BTW!
    I wish you all the very best sweet and happiness and good wishes this holiday season. Merry merry Xmas.

  3. Warmest wishes to you and your growing family! Enjoy the holidays and enjoy some time to rest and care for yourself. A boy? Oh yeah! If that is the case, rest now! People comment that my Cowgirl's energy is very much like a boy's and I can tell you, at night I heave my happy, but exhausted body gratefully into my soft bed!

    Missing you tons!

    xo Lis

  4. Meegan, I just got back from my break and am trying to catching up. I hope that by now those nasty migraines are things of the past and you're feeling way better. Hypentension certainly is something to take seriously, but since you are on medication now this has been taken care of. It sounds like the baby is doing fine and that is a huge plus!!! I wonder whether your feelings will turn out right. We never really cared about the gender of our baby either, but secretly we were both wishing for a girl, and we got a girl.
    Happy new year to you as well!!

  5. hoe you had a great holiday, and hope those migraines were kept at bay!!!