Friday, November 5, 2010

A Tender Spirit

I feel tender. Not tender as in sore or in pain. Tender as in new, vulnerable, sensitive. Perhaps it's hormonal. I certainly know that the early pregnancy hormone surges I've been having are bringing alot of feelings, usually buried, rising to the surface. Perhaps it's the upcoming holiday season which always has me feeling sentimental, nostalgic, and longing for a deeper spiritual connection. Regardless of why, I feel a heightened sensitivity, a tenderness of spirit, and a longing for Peace and Grace.

It's hard for me to bring myself to write here. I think about my blog all the time. Think about the readers who stop by and are disappointed not to see a new post. Think about the other bloggers that I follow and how I should comment more often on the beautiful way they share their souls. But I'm in a quiet place right now. I feel a need to be cocooned. Not because I'm sad, or unhappy or down. I'm just tuning inward and finding quietude & stillness. My world right now is my baby and the baby too come. I'm not doing creative projects, unless you call shopping for warm stretchy pants and cuddly tops a creative project :). I'm spending a lot of time daydreaming about the holiday season. Winter is coming on and I think my spirit feels a bit of a need to hibernate. Maybe I should just sign up for another ecourse so that I have something to post about but I can't find a course to suit what I'm longing for now; a connection to the sacred, a celebration of motherhood, the hearth & home; old fashioned family time and holiday traditions. If anyone hears of courses covering any of these topics PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

No pictures this week. Just words. Is that too boring for readers? I'd love to know where YOU are at spiritually right now?


  1. oh honey it's seems you are in a very lovely place. For so long, I was afraid of the quiet but that is the place to regroup and refuel creatively and as a mommy. For me, I am in a pretty joy-filled place. For now, I have stopped the constantly striving that seems to come with being online. So for now...I am content. xoxo

  2. i agree with robin ... quiet and cocooned are good places to be right now. definitely a good instinct to be preserving your energy - you are growing a new person! and what is more creative than that?!

    i love this season but also find it bittersweet ... it seems to be a season of questions, rather than answers if that makes any sense? or a season of longing ... a year ending, reflecting upon the past and anticipating the future ... a tricky thing to navigate.

    maybe now it just your time to be with it all ... no answers, no grand epiphanies, just pure presence with this time in your life. and we all love reading your words and will be holding the space for you whenever you need to just be.

    love your family in pumpkin! Autumn suits you all :)

    xo lis

  3. Dear Meegan-it sounds as if you are in a wonderful, nurturing, necessary place right now. sometimes we just have to take care of ourselves and then..we can take care of others. I ma so happy for you...yes, all those hormones raging must be difficult:)xxx

  4. Not boring at all. Just like where you are right now - quiet and peaceful. It's beautiful to take us to that place as well.
    Just be. That's the best you can do for you, Nora, the baby to come - your family.

  5. this is a time to celebrate YOU! and taking care of you, baby, hubby & Nora. ENJOY! Cozy sounds really nice to me... much better than pulling nylons on so I can look presentable at work... wearing jeans or comfy clothes would make my day!

  6. Dear Meegan-sending you love and light. I hope you are well...that the morning sickness isn't too bad. Hugs xxx

  7. Just flow into your quiet is all I can think of-it's what I am repeating like a mantra to myself personally. I can totally understand the introspective center right now, just know that you are thought of and powerful in all your varied forms. Thank you for writing at my blog, I'm so glad someone else can see the lovely qualities of Olmsteds in Ohio :) Enjoy the solitude in your heart and my thoughts are with you.