Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nora toddling around & an update

Just thought I'd share a short video of Nora toddling around our kitchen on Thanksgiving. At the beginning of November she was just taking short little jaunts of three or four steps before plopping down on the floor but now she wanders all over the place. She's growing up so fast! I can hardly believe she'll be a year old in just over a month.

Everything here is going great. I've been enjoying my time offline alot. It's really helped me clear my head and start to get in touch with more of the things I love. I was spending so much time online that I wasn't doing any other favorite hobbies, like reading BOOKS for example. I will return to blogging on a regular basis (at least once a week) soon. I've missed it alot. I just needed some alone time  to prioritize. Plus it's made me see that blogging isn't the be all and end all. Only a few very sweet blogging friends have even seemed to notice I've been gone which, while humbling, also made me realize that I need to focus more on key relationships than on trying to please the masses who casually visit here. For awhile I was obsessing on whether or not I should post this or that because I wanted to please my blog followers. Silly really. I should just please myself. True friends will get what I'm saying and the rest don't really matter anyway. I've been thinking alot about writing letters again. Lis at Dandelion Seeds wrote a post recently that was similar to what I've been mulling over. I use to write tons of letters before I had a computer and I miss that personal interaction with others. So, if anyone would like to exchange real letters or cards, let me know!! I could use a pen pal or two. Lol

In other news, all is well on the new baby front. I had my first appointment and everything seems good. My blood pressure is a bit high, as it was when I got pregnant with Nora, so I have to monitor that but it probably won't cause any real problems. I still have morning sickness pretty bad most days but it's starting to get better. It actually seems to help the more active I am so I need to start forcing myself to get more exercise and move around, even if at first I'm miserable. After a little bit of activity I feel better.

Thanksgiving has been wonderful. Just the hubby, Nora and I; tons of food and playing together and napping. Tonight we will probably go out and see the christmas light display at the botanical gardens. I just LOVE the holiday season and it's even more special when you get to share it with a child. Life is blessed!!

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