Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nora toddling around & an update

Just thought I'd share a short video of Nora toddling around our kitchen on Thanksgiving. At the beginning of November she was just taking short little jaunts of three or four steps before plopping down on the floor but now she wanders all over the place. She's growing up so fast! I can hardly believe she'll be a year old in just over a month.

Everything here is going great. I've been enjoying my time offline alot. It's really helped me clear my head and start to get in touch with more of the things I love. I was spending so much time online that I wasn't doing any other favorite hobbies, like reading BOOKS for example. I will return to blogging on a regular basis (at least once a week) soon. I've missed it alot. I just needed some alone time  to prioritize. Plus it's made me see that blogging isn't the be all and end all. Only a few very sweet blogging friends have even seemed to notice I've been gone which, while humbling, also made me realize that I need to focus more on key relationships than on trying to please the masses who casually visit here. For awhile I was obsessing on whether or not I should post this or that because I wanted to please my blog followers. Silly really. I should just please myself. True friends will get what I'm saying and the rest don't really matter anyway. I've been thinking alot about writing letters again. Lis at Dandelion Seeds wrote a post recently that was similar to what I've been mulling over. I use to write tons of letters before I had a computer and I miss that personal interaction with others. So, if anyone would like to exchange real letters or cards, let me know!! I could use a pen pal or two. Lol

In other news, all is well on the new baby front. I had my first appointment and everything seems good. My blood pressure is a bit high, as it was when I got pregnant with Nora, so I have to monitor that but it probably won't cause any real problems. I still have morning sickness pretty bad most days but it's starting to get better. It actually seems to help the more active I am so I need to start forcing myself to get more exercise and move around, even if at first I'm miserable. After a little bit of activity I feel better.

Thanksgiving has been wonderful. Just the hubby, Nora and I; tons of food and playing together and napping. Tonight we will probably go out and see the christmas light display at the botanical gardens. I just LOVE the holiday season and it's even more special when you get to share it with a child. Life is blessed!!


  1. Just writing posts for pleasing your followers certainly is not a good decision. Meegan, this is YOUR blog and you are the first and foremost to enjoy it. If it becomes a chore - no fun anymore. I am glad that you posted again, but since you said you need some time away from the computer it was just fine. I'm glad that everything with the baby is fine and how gorgeous that Nora walks now (btw, I couldn't watch the video). I hope that your morning sickness will belong to the past pretty soon! Just enjoy the holiday season, and if you want to drop me a handwritten line - that would be appreciated. I used to be an avid letter writer - I started having penpals all over the world when I still went to school (there was an organisation in Finland that would connect penpals with each other), but that, too, is a long time ago. I takes up a lot of time, but it is so nice to receive a handwritten note in the mail.

  2. Dear Meegan-I am SO SO glad that everything is going well with your pregnancy. Turkey day was great for us too...Oh Meegan...I know it's so hard to believe that Nora will be ONE!! Time just flies by. We are settling in over here-totally stunning natural baeuty and the weather is great. Of course I won't forget all of you!! xxx

  3. Go Nora go! Brings back such precious memories of when my one first started toddling...

    So glad your time offline has helped you prioritise. I've just had some time off myself and thoroughly enjoyed it. Blogging for others is never a good idea (unless you want to make a business out of it, and from what I've read of you I don't think you do). I used to wite tonnes of letters when I was younger too and do miss it.

    So glad the pregnancy is going well. Hope the morning sickness goes soon.

  4. i have been thinking about you AND missing you! But i so understand what you are doing - especially this time of year when we tend to do too much anyway, we need to take time and focus on what nourishes and fills us up.

    i would love to exchange some mail art :) i don't know where on this computer i stored your snail mail address, but if you email me your stats, i will get something out sooner or later :)

    and way to go Nora! oh my, toddling ... life will be changing FAST for you!

    sending love and warm thoughts your way

    xo lis

  5. Dear Meegan-I have been thinking about you a lot and have been wanting to get some time to e-mail you...but things have been SO super hectic over here. We have been looking for a place non-stop (still on Miramar Military base) and finally found an AWESOME place today.
    OOOOOH...Nora is SO super cute!! Walking for the first was so bittersweet for me! I was so happy but sad all at once! I am SO glad that things are going well with your pregnancy...about co-sleeping.
    This is what happened with me. I was breastfeeding on demand, co-sleeping and using the Moby wrap but around 8 months...a few things happened all at once that made me decide to get Tara to sleep on her own.
    1. I had to have gallbladder surgery and could not carry Tara for a month or I put a blanket on her nursery room floor and slept with that got her out of my bed. Then-after a week or so- I started leaving halfway through the night and let her sleep alone.If she woke up, I went right back and slept with her (on the floor)
    2. around the same time I met a neighbour who was letting her 6 year old son still sleep with her!!! There were a lot of problems that were stemming from that (as you can imagine!!)...and i did not want Tara going down that road!
    3. I read tons of books on the importance of putting baby on schedule and getting her to sleep on her own. I never let her cry it out...what I did was transition her to her crib and when she started crying (there will be tears), I held her and comforted her but did NOT pick her up. In a few days she was sleeping on her own. I put her on an awesome schedule with wake-up times, 2 naps (she's down to one nap now), meal and snack times...babies thrive on routine. It has really been the stabilizing force through this move etc.
    2 great books I read were The Happiest Baby on the Block and another one I can't remember right now-will try to get it to you. Also...I still carried her in the moby wrap during the day and spent all my time with her so she adjusted really well to sleeping on her own. I think it was WAY more difficult on me and How I missed sleeping with her!! But it was best for Tara (and us as a family) in the long run. She (and I ) were now well rested. will laern the difference between a wailing, shrieking cry that requires you to go to her and a cry that is just her trying to get to sleep. You hyave to feel right in your heart about it...and it aws VERY sad for me. But Tara has thrived on routine and sleeping on her own. Hope this helps. xxx

  6. P.S. Also Meegan...I found out that some people have VERY strong negative opinions on I was "spoiling her", it was bad etc. I was a new mom and had no help/support so I really had to learn to not talk to these people and listen to my heart. Some people are just mean, bossy, ignorant and angry. I even had relatives laugh at me for using the Moby wrap (the single best thing I ever bought let me tell you!). You just have to do what's best for your family and listen to your instincts. Tune the rest out...there is always a lot of noise!

  7. Meegan-the book I wsa telling you about is called Baby Whisperer by Tracey Hogg. It has excellent chapters on sleep, routine, different baby personalities etc. I read it from cover to cover and it became my guide (with yellow stickies and everything!!). It really helped me so much and everything she said just worked for Tara. One of the main things that impressed me was her stance that there aws nothing wrong with a baby crying, but they should be comforted...never left alone. So when Tara first started sleeping on her own and she would cry...I would be right there with her, my hand on her body and my voice comforting her through everything. I also read the Baby Whisper for Toddlers (her subsequent book) which was very helpful too. Best of luck and let me know how it goes. xxx

  8. Hi Meegan-just stopping in to say hi! How are you? How is your pregnancy going? I hope that everything is well with you, your heart, your life, your family. xxx

  9. Hi Meegan-just stopping in to see how you are doing. I hope all is well with your family. Have you started Nora sleeping on her own yet? You will feel it in your heart when the time is right. Sending you lots of