Monday, November 1, 2010

Goodbye October!

Honestly, October kicked my butt which is obvious if you look at my archives for the month. I only manged to post 5 times and I've had a really hard time keeping up with my favorite blogs (sorry for the lack of comments from me recently). It started out hectic with the final days of my Blogging class, then we took a mini vacation to Ohio, then John headed out to California for a short visit with his parents (my first time all alone for several days with Nora) and then we discovered we were pregnant and I discovered that my morning sickness is heightened when I sit at the computer. To top it all off there were the various Fall and Halloween festivities that kept us hopping. Busy, hectic, chaotic month! I'm hoping that November will bring a little peace. I could use it while I'm dealing with hormone surges and morning sickness, that's for sure! I have a whole post worth of thoughts about my hormone issues just dying to get out. Hopefully I'll find time in the next few days for writing.

We had a GREAT time last week visiting the Berry Farm & Pumpkin patch just down the road from our house. I've discovered the joy of sharing holidays with a little one. Everything is just much more special when you are sharing it with a young child. We let Nora pick her own pumpkin and she got a great one. She just loved wandering around the fields trying to pick them up.

Halloween was alot of fun as well. Although we didn't go trick or treating, we did dress Nora up in her Angel costume and took her out to dinner (great greek- italian place we had never tried before, incredibly delicious!). She had a pumpkin with treats that a friend had given her and we took photos of her with it in the yard. She really loved that pumpkin basket! I really loved that we had a jack-o-lantern this year, probably my first since I was a kid. I also loved watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown with my little family for the first time. Nice memories and traditions to carry on!

So I say a belated Happy Halloween to everyone and Goodbye to October, it was an exhilarating but exhausting month!

P.S. Warning to November, I'm gonna take charge of this month!!! You'll see me posting and commenting more often!!!

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  1. dear Meegan-so glad to hear that you are feeling more...energetic? Just take it easy though..when I was pregnant I had REALLY bad morning sickness 24/7..but this is awesome news! I am sure that there are tons of e-courses celebrating pregnancy...maybe do a google search? I think KRR had something advertised on her blog a few months ago. Glad you all had a great Halloween.Nora is adorable in her little outfit. So cute! Hugs xxx
    p.s. hopefully you get your package soon-they said it would arrive today but I don't totally trust the post office!