Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My creative inspiration this week and lots of baby love!

Lis at Dandelion Seeds has recently started a Monday Inspiration Celebration and asks readers to post what has inspired them in the past week and what gifts creativity has given to you. I often feel like I'm not creative because I'm not painting or making beautiful art of some kind but lately I've begun to think that just trying to build a life and be a mommy is quite a creative undertaking in itself. So I gave it some thought and decided to write about a new outfit that I bought Nora this past week.

I have no personal style. It's hard to be a fashionista when you're really heavy. They just don't make cute close in a size 28 and even when I find something relatively fun, it generally doesn't look very good on me. However, Nora looks darn cute in everything! I really want to encourage her to learn to express herself through her clothing and develop her own unique style. Obviously she's just a baby so it will be a few years till she's choosing her own clothes. Until then, I get to have a little fun!lol Bright colors and creative prints really seem to suit her and since she LOVES getting attention I've started looking out for really fun and unique little outfits for her. Here's what we came up with this week for a recent doctor's appointment; the hat and sunglasses she actually did pick out all on her own!

Because I was inspired by how cute she looked (she made a HUGE impression on the waiting room at the doctor's office, which she enjoyed, my little attention hog :) ) I actually got out a REAL camera, instead of just using my iphone, and took photos and videos of her playing in the house and the yard. Just seeing her all dressed up in her colorful outfit made me happy and when I'm happy I feel like being creative. Here's my favorite photo. I love her baby toes!:

 The bubbly, happy, creative feeling continued throughout the day and last night I found myself sitting up till 2 am playing with scrapbooking embellishments from CottageARts to create a new header for my blog, which I really really love. All the photos are my own of course. The peacocks are my own, made from a photo I took several years ago. The little banner with my blog name is my own creation as well. The rest were different things I've bought from Cottage Arts over the last few months. I just love their designs and love making my own creations with them. For example the photo collage was made with just one frame which I turned in different directions to create a montage, then added in my favorite photos. I had so much fun! I'm also feeling inspired to start working on my photography again. I've got a few thousand photos to go through, process, and get online. So many projects, so little time!

                Who would have thought that buying my baby an outfit could relight my creative fire? :)

And just in case you haven't had enough baby goodness, here is a video of Nora and I playing in the yard and of her taking a few steps on her own.

I had planned to announce a new blog giveaway today but I can't decide on which item to give away so that will have to wait until later this week! Check back and enter!! Now I'm off to play with my girl

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