Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back online with my big news: I'm pregnant!!!

I am not a fan of Blogger's mobile upload system. I've been offline for a week because my parents were visiting us but I wanted to make my big announcement of the new baby we are expecting so I did a mobil upload. Apparently the picture posted but the long post talking about the new pregnancy somehow was lost in cyberspace. I'm sorry everyone had to guess at what my new project was going to be!  I really did have a very cute post attached to that photo of Nora. GRRRR

So anyway, as my last post said I'm working on a brand new project and it's due to arrive in late June or early July. We'll have a more definite idea after my first appointment with the doctor next month. I'm just a few weeks pregnant but I couldn't keep it to myself. I know some people are a little superstitious and wait until they're at least 4 months or more along before making announcements but I just had to blab. We decided around the end of September to start trying for a second baby. We assumed it would take us a few months, after all we aren't exactly spring chickens. Apparently though we shouldn't look at eachother without protection because we got pregnant within the first week of trying.  I was actually secretly hoping we wouldn't get pregnant until next March or early April because I thought it would be really neat if the next baby was born on New Years Day just like Nora. Then we could have really huge joint bday parties!;) Now I'm crossing my fingers that the new baby will arrive on the fourth of July, but it would probably have to be a week or so late to do that (Nora was 9 days late so that isn't out of the question). It doesn't really matter what day he/she arrives. Most important of all is just that the baby and I are healthy through the pregnancy and delivery. We don't really care whether it's a boy or girl, though another girl would probably be easier since we have all the girl stuff we'd need. We're just really really thrilled and excited to be adding another little bundle of joy to our family. Nora has been the greatest blessing imaginable to us and I'm sure the next baby will be as well.

I'm trying to really really enjoy and celebrate this pregnancy. Although we haven't decided for sure it will probably be my last. Two babies seems like a nice number. I think if we'd started our family when we were younger we'd have gone for 4. A big family would be fun, but it's also alot of work and I'm not sure I have the energy for it.

So, that's my big news and I'm sorry blogger mobile updating screwed it up a little. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and I'm sorry the announcement was so cryptic. It wasn't suppose to be! :)

Does anyone know of any ecourses that celebrate motherhood or pregnancy? I'd love to take something like that right now!!


  1. I love how your excitement about this pregnancy comes through so clearly in this post! It just oozes energy!

    Huge congratulations again and hope you have a lovely smooth pregnancy! Enjoy every moment, you know how fast it goes (especially with the 2nd...honestly, I can't believe I've only got 10 1/2 weeks to go now)!

  2. Oh Meegan, of course you want to talk about it! It's so difficult to keep quiet when you feel so happy. I'm talking from experience :-)
    I wish that all goes well with the pregnancy, that you and the baby (and the rest of the family for that matter) are healthy and you just keep your good spirits. How exciting!!
    And concerning your last question: why don't you contact Kelly Rae? She might know something!

  3. Congratulations. I read your recent blog. You will be shareing a lot of holidays with little ones. Be well.