Sunday, September 12, 2010

My blog design

Yippee!! I have my very first followers :). Thanks so much to Graciel & Carola. Now I feel loved and validated,lol. Seriously though I'm proud to have bloggers I admire and enjoy reading taking a moment to follow me.

Several people have asked how I magaged to make over my blog in 2 hrs time and I have to admit that I can't take much credit for it. Blogger did 90% of it for me. The majority of the two hrs I spent was in transfering my blog content and my domain address to my blogger account and then quickly making a new banner. Setting up my blog's look only took me about 5 minutes. I was all prepared with a handmade background that I was going to add into the html code but when I opened my new blogger account I discovered that when you click on design there is a new feature called Website Designer that gives you about 6 or 7 design choices and then allows you to customize them even further by changing the background to about a 100 different designs they offer, changing the layout to one, two or three colums, even changing the width of those columns. It's very cool. I immediately picked a design I liked, 3 column layout I thought was fun and then chose a cool background, all right there in the blogger website designer. It was sooo easy!

Soraya asked how I made my header and again. I took a few little cheats with that as well. I didn't handmake the photo collage frame or all the embellishments. I bought several of them from different sites on line such as Cottage Arts and DigiChick and I edited them in photoshop. Basically I opened I new file in the size I wanted (width being most important). My blog width is about 1000pxl so I made my file 900 wide. And I made it transparent because I wanted the background of the blog to come through on areas I wasn't filing with my own designs. I chose a photoframe I liked and added my personal photos to it as well as the butterfly embellishment, the heart and the word dreamer and I put those onto the transparent background. I took an oval label and changed the color then added my blog title, Blue Moon Mama, and then added that to the transparent background file. Finally I took a quote I liked and laid that on the transparent file. I chose merge visible which flattend the layers onto the transparent background. Basically that was it. Did that make any sense? My photoshop skills are all self taught and I've never tried to explain what I do before. Maybe I should make a tutorial sometime. Cottage Arts makes some really neat premade banner headers if you want to take a super easy route to getting a fancy new header. You can buy it from them really cheap. Add your own photo with their easy instructions and plop it into your header. 

Hope that was a little bit helpful! If you have questions feel free to ask. I still have lots to do to prettify and personalize my blog over the next few weeks. I want to make it a place I really enjoy visiting and posting in, my own little online creative haven.


  1. Dear Meegan-I thought I was following your blog!!! I am alawys over here!'s official now-you have another follower! Thanks so much for explaining all that stuff but...its' like another language to me:) I bought a few things from Cotatge Arts but never managed to have the time to learn how to use it. I will get around to it someday. I know-a few months ago Blogger really added so much stuff that makes it super easy to design. When I did my 3 column layout...I had to figure out the HTML etc. Now you just click a button...sigh:) is your blogging class going? I so wanted to take a few e-courses...but I am trying to be realistic about what I can do in the time I have.
    I hope you guys had a great weekend:)Tim came home this weekend-it aws SO nice but it just flew by in a wink!

  2. Meegan, this is just awesome. I think I need to go back into the Blogger website designer and do something for my background. You really inspired me!
    And you sound so good!!!