Thursday, September 23, 2010

Living mindfully

                  How do I want to live today?

    How can I start living mindfully?How do I live authentically and with
purpose? How do I become the woman I've always dreamed of being? Such
big concepts that in the past have sent me straight to the fridge for
some Pepsi & ice cream to eat while watching mind numbing yet nerve
soothing reruns as a way to hide from such painful introspection. I
always put off beginning the work. Year after year I dream but I never
really do anything.
     As I posted earlier last week, I turned 38 & began a new year of my
life. Two years from now I will be 40. 40! Definitely a grown up age.
I need to get myself together. It is time. I don't want to waste my
life dreaming of living a certain lifestyle. I want to actually live
it. Trying to change is overwhelming. Which is why so few of us do it
unless we're forced too. It's just plain HARD.
     While scrapping two day old crud off the kitchen counter this
morning and thinking about how I wish I could be a different, better,
person I had an epiphany. I thought "Maybe I don't have to tackle
these giant ideas of self improvement. Maybe I can just make this more
simple & easy to start with." Then it came to me in a flash. Each
morning I can start my day with one little question, "How do I want to
live my life today?" Such a simple concept really. The things I choose
to do and not do are what make up my life. I am the one in charge. I
can choose how I live moment by moment and those choices will be the
foundation of building a better me. Wow.

    Now, if I can only put this little epiphany into action. And why do I
want to improve & be the best I can be? One simple word:


  1. Oh Meegan-these pics of baby Nora are just too cute and SWEET:) It makes me think of Tara just a short while ago. I totally agree with's all the little things we do each day that add up to...the life we want to live. It doesn't have to be all at once but small things. Yes...40 is definitely grown up but maybe the trick is to become more child-like. I find that is where my happiness lies...with looking at things through Tara's eyes.
    You have to try the soups at Trader Joes...they are super fantastic and taste homemade. Their tomatoe and fire roasted red pepper....yummy and the butternut makes a meal. Sorry about my meltdown yesterday...and thanks for your understanding and support. It is just so heartbreaking Meegan.that little girl just jumped right out at me from the T.V. screen. And I heard about the mother who locked up her 4 children for 10 hours. What is wrong with people I just don't know. I think after becoming a mom it definitely hits you much harder. Tim and I have seriously thought about adopting..we still may.

  2. Coincidentally, today the message I wrote in our bathroom was 'Life is what you make of it'. We really do get caught up in the day to day and forget about the things we really want out of life, what is really important. Our kiddos sure are. :)

  3. Meegan - why do you think you need to become a better person? What makes you think you're not good enough yet?
    As far as I can say, you are a very thoughtful, loving, nurturing woman and mother who is very grown up! Don't get intimidated by numbers. You are on a wonderful path and I enjoy witnessing that! It's wonderful to have you as my blogging friend.

  4. Such a wonderful awareness! I think we believe there needs to be some major overhaul in our lives and really, it all comes down to intention. Not always easy, but not complicated either.

    I also believe the yogis were on to something when they discovered it is not about trying to "be" somebody other than who you are; it is about letting go of the false notions we carry about ourselves. Tuning into ourselves, finding our center, finding our truth and living that, all the rest drops away.

    I don't think I really woke up in any authenticate way until my forties, so you are ahead of the game!

    and yes, our children do inspire us to live an impeccable life; to set an example for them. I think you have a very special little guru to help you on your journey :)

    xo Lis

  5. byw student. Take it from me this is a life long process. Really live each day. I just read your week four homework and I loved your idea of visiting five new blogs daily. Brilliant. This divides the process up in small pieces and would be fun.