Saturday, September 11, 2010

Change is in the air!

Well I did it! I spent a few hours this evening transfering my blog
from wordpress to blogger. I hope I don't regret it. I loved wordpress
but it just didn't allow me to create the look I really wanted. I
think blogger is a step in the right direction. Change isn't easy for
me & I'm a bit nervous but I figure if worse comes to worst I can
change it back :). Let me know what you think! Oh & feel free to
follow me too,hehe. I still have work to do & sidebar content to
upload but I'm slowly getting things set up.

We went to Ginter Gardens and enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon amongst the flowers.
While there Nora picked out this hat for herself. The kid's got her own style!


  1. P.S. How on earth did you do all this nifty stuff in your banner???!!

  2. Meegan-I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new layout!! It is so welcoming and inviting plus interesting! I was just going to ask you about the blogging e-course! I am so glad that you decided to take it! Am jealous though!! Maybe next time around! I have heard super great thing about it! I love this pic of Nora too...such a beautiful candid pic! Thanks so much for the kind comment you left on my blog the other day...I am feeling much better now (plus Tim is here!)...Sometimes it really helps to get it all out and them move through it. Plus all of you in the blogging community have been super awesome! I can't wait to see all the wonderful ways this blog class impacts you! xxx

  3. Wow! You did all this in one night? I love the background you chose (where did you find it?) and yes, fantastic banner! Honestly, if you could work in Wordpress, you will find blogger child's play ... I mean, even I can figure it out!

    You may know this ... but if you want larger sized photos you can use flickr and copy the code into the text of your piece. however, i haven't figured out (i mean, read and tried out) how to center the picture. i don't usually do this except when posting diptychs.

    you remind me of me in that change isn't something i easily move into ... i will struggle with something because it is familiar rather than "risk" change and possibly messing things up. the one thing blogging (and working digitally) has helped me embrace is change! well, maybe not embrace but it seems to come a little easier now :)

    oh, and 21 Secrets is a go at your own pace workshop ... so you can honestly say you are not doing two courses at the same time; you are fitting the one into the gaps of the other! can you tell i am good at rationalizing my addiction?

    And i LOVE that hat on Nora! She has a great sense of style ... must have learned it from her mama :)

    have a beautiful weekend ... and i'll be watching for your 200th post!
    xo Lis

  4. The changes look fabulous! How did you do all this!! It looks like you spent hours on this. I LOVE it - well done!!! So much eye candy!