Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blogging Your Way

My next ecourse, Blogging your way, is starting today and I'm already so excited about this course! We got our first homework assignment today and I'm loving it. This seems to be a much more interactive class then the others I've taken and I'm thrilled with that. I love HOMEWORK!lol  I'm trying to work my way through the class blogroll and visit everyone which is a challenge since it's a huge class but since the class IS about blogging I figure I'd better expose myself to as many different blogs as I can. Lots of the classmembers are focused on interior design which isn't really my thing. I love the eyecandy of course but I'm most interested in people sharing their real lives and art, parenting, crafting or photography. I've managed to meet one or two great people already though so I am really excited.

Now I'm off to start researching blogs and doing my homework. I can't talk about it in too much detail but basically it's an exercise to help me figure out what I'm looking to really do with my blog. So, off I go. The class is already paying off for me because I'm feeling so much more motivated about blogging! Wish you all could be in the class with me. I already highly recommend it. So far it's the best ecourse I've taken, very very organized with an excellent set up. LOVE the forum which makes interacting with everyone so much easier. Okay, gotta get busy!


  1. great heart felt blog...I am from BYW course also..
    I love all your baby pics - gorgeous, I am a new mum to a 16month old and loving every minute! goodluck with the course...I too love homework! off to read some more of your lovely blog x x

  2. Hey Mee, this sounds wonderful!!! I have the feeling that this ecourse is just good for you!!! You go, girl!

  3. Hi Meegan! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi the other day! I'm from BYW as well and loving it too. Having homework makes me feel younger, you know? :) Good luck and I'll see you in class!

  4. Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. I really like your blog. Your baby is adorable and your pictures are really nice.

  5. Hi Meegan,

    Just popping in from Blogging Your Way -- (and thanks for stopping by Elleby, I'm sorry it's taken me a few days to reply!) I'm excited to start the class, and to know there's a classmate in my home town too!