Monday, September 13, 2010

Blog Headers/ Banners

Coincidentally my blogging course is covering blog layout, design, headers, etc. today. I've been obsessing over the look of my blog for the past two days. I like the layout fine and am slowly working on the sidebar content but I've been having a bit of trouble deciding on a header or banner image as some call it. The newest header incarnation is uploaded and prominently displayed. So, what do you think? Is is too big? Still not sure it's what I want but it will do for now.

As I was making my new header I began stumbling across old headers I've used for various blogs in the past. I imagine I have even more of these stored on disks. I thought I'd share a few:

So far I'm LOVING Blogging Your Way! Holly (teacher) actually came by my blog to give me a little advice when I asked a question about my About Page. I'm amazed that she's so hands on when there are so MANY people in her class. It really is extremely well organized and I'm loving the forum. Which is where I'm off to right now to get this week's homework assignment. See ya later!

P.S. I just wanted to mention that Carola has created a lovely little blog button (something I want to do if I ever settle on a blog header) which I've just added to my sidebar. I wish more of my blogging buddies would make cute buttons like this! And if you have one and I've just missed it, let me know so I can add it too :)


  1. Hi Mee - Happy birthday a little early! I will be off the grid when I fly out tomorrow, so I wanted to send you wishes for a beautiful, love-filled day tomorrow! And I am here to say, the next ten years are pretty good ones (I'll be 48 on my next bday) albeit energy levels fluctuate more!

    Thank you for such beautiful words you wrote over on my blog ... I feel very blessed to have found such a kindred spirit in you :) I am looking forward to many MANY years of blogging with you and discovering more!

    Wow ... you have been a busy blogger! Nice gallery of banners :) I love your current banner design although I think I would like it a tad smaller. In order to read your blog post, I have to cut it off and so I don't get to look at it very long, if that makes sense. And I am so impressed by all your skills here and fearlessness in trying new things. i still fear the wizards inside my computer will zap everything into oblivion should i tinker too much.

    Okay, big Birthday Hugs! xo Lis

  2. Wow, Mee - well, yes, you really wow me!!! That banner gallery is impressive. I like your new banner, I love how you put the photos together, the colors work and of course I like the "Reach for the moon" saying. You are amazing!
    Thank you for grabbing my button! My wonderful husband helped me creating it... I'm not very computer savvy, but fortunately I'm married to a geek!
    I admire your courage and how you just work on your blog and try new things out. This is wonderful. I think that course would be good for me as well. Perhaps next time!

  3. Welcome over to blogger! I think you should check out this site -
    One of our classmates told me about it. Basically it transforms the comments section of your blog and allows you to reply individually to each comment, and more. You can import all your previous comments too so you don't lose anything.
    The new banner is great, but I too would recommend making it smaller. For my personal taste the width is fine but the height, I would probably reduce by half. Reason being when I first load on to your page the banner basically takes up the entire height of my little laptop screen. Also the Love, Faith and Joy on the side look like they should be clickable buttons in your sidebar (I actually hovered over them to see if they went anywhere different). Something to consider maybe?
    But really, all just suggestions and more importantly, just my opinion. It's your blog. :)
    I'm following you now too! I was just reading your week two homework and it's just like looking in a mirror in so many ways. If your answers had boxes next to them I'd be ticking most of them!

  4. I forgot to add, I really want a blog button but haven't decided what I would like it to look like yet! I also want a new header that I can put a tag line on.

  5. Love the header! I am a fellow BYW student. I loved reading your homework for this week. Very nice.

  6. happy birthday dear Meegan-all the VERY VERY best:) XXX

  7. Hi. I just found you when I Google Searched "Boho Blog Headers". I'm trying to come up with a header that fits the gestalt of my blog. The one I have no clearly shows I have no clue what I'm doing. Your header is lovely by the way. I'm very impressed. Did you need Photoshop to make it? I may have to take a look at this e-course. Have a great day!