Thursday, August 26, 2010

True love: a baby & her bottle


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  1. I just love how when our children do something, they do it 100%! Even sleeping ... it is like arms wide open, take me, i'm ready. How adorable, that little mouth open (I can hear her breathing) and the bum in the air. My daughter fell asleep on our airplane ride just as we landed for our connection. My husband had to carry her in the airport and the whole time she was like a limp starfish with wide open mouth drooling on his shoulder.

    Be honest, after this shot you put your camera down and joined her, didn't you?

    Oh, and we are working away on her painting and I am excited and nervous because I am loving it, so I don't want to "mess" it up! I think we may be able to finish it either this weekend, or early next week. It is a little larger (9 by 12) because we needed the extra room for more love ♥