Sunday, August 1, 2010


I discovered these two cuties wandering around our local bookstore. Couldn't resist bringing them home with me ;).

I've been quiet of late but hopefully I'll be more active online this month. I've just needed a little down time to mull things over & recharge my batteries. Now I just need to carve a little time out of the day to spend online. Watch out blogworld, here I come,lol!



  1. Same here Mee! Lucky you - finding such a happy pair to bring home with you!!

  2. Sometimes we just need time to recharge our batteries... Don't worry, Mee! I just took two weeks off, no computer, no TV, just my family and the beautiful scenery of British Columbia plus the generous hospitality of relatives in the Okanagan Valley - life treated us VERY well.
    I love your pictures~!