Sunday, August 8, 2010

New 'Do

Thanks for all the encouraging comments on the hairstyle post I put up recently. I decided to go for it and had about 5 inches cut off my hair & tons of layering done. I love it! Most of the split ends are gone & it feels silky soft again. All I have to do to style it is wash, finger comb, and let dry. For a little extra fluffiness I can add a bit of hairspray or mousse. I think I'll keep it this way for awhile. Happy Happy!



  1. The new hair style looks great (just as I thought). And easy to style! I'm glad you went for it.

  2. looks great. i LOVE getting a fresh haircut!

  3. I love the sassy you and looks like Nora approves :)

    Enjoy the freedom!