Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy quiet day

We've spent our Saturday being lazy around the house. I made waffles for brunch & plan to make pasta for dinner. We played with Nora in the living room floor & listened to music. My hubby napped on the couch & Nora napped in my lap & on our bed, two naps!! Yippee! It has been a very pleasant day. I love a lazy weekend at home. It's rare but oh so relaxing.

I'm feeling much better about blogging thanks to all the wonderful comments that really put everything into perspective. I'm also realizing that I need to comment more at others blogs. While I read nearly every day I don't always leave comments & if I truly want to build blogging friendships I need to comment more. As my Grandma always said " The best way to get a friend is to be a friend" :).



  1. It's true about commenting on other blogs. I struggle with that too - tend to be that quiet girl in the corner. But they don't know I'm there if I don't comment, so I'm working on this too.

    Such peaceful pictures - I so wish I could nap like that!!

  2. Beautiful pictures, so peaceful.
    I'm glad you're having a realxing weekend. We napped today, too - I'm a big fan of naps. It's my stolen half hour during the day that re-energizes me.
    Yes, commenting is a pretty important part in the world of blogging. I haven't been a blogger for very long, but this is something I've learnt. Usually people come back to your blog when you comment on theirs, and slowly you can build a relationship with some of them.
    I certainly enjoyed your comments on my blog!!! Thank you.

  3. i love the light in these pictures! such a peaceful, tender, calm moment captured (i'm sure your daughter is ALWAYS this calm!) ... i am reminded when i feel overwhelmed the best thing i can do is just rest. waking up, i find i have a fresh perspective.

    and you have been such a loving friend to me, i am grateful i am counted among your friends.

    now, time for a nap! xo lis