Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Feeling Run Down

One of the reasons I'm not writing as much here is because I'm just too tired. For awhile now I've been feeling run down. It's probably just new mommy syndrome, aka lack of sleep. My iron is a little low too since having Nora. I think I need to start taking vitamins again.

What do you do when you're feeling run down? I could use some suggestions.



  1. dear Meegan-I LOVE your new haircut!!!It looks fantastic-healthy and easy to manage plus just overall great!!! You look so happy too:) Nora is as cute as a button and just sprouting up like a bean (they do that you know...all of a sudden they will be off to school and then college!!) I heard it just happens in a flash! I also really enjoyed reading your Shirley Valentine quotes. That sounds like a really great girlie movie. I don't get time to watch movies much these days...but still...I love the quotes. Sometimes we can just go through the motions in life and not really question what makes us happy. really happy...satisfied...what fills us up.
    sorry you are feeling run down lately. I eat LOTS of raw spinach-just pop it in everything. Also lots of water nad...just try taking a break too. Even a few days away from the computer helps me TONS. I think it will be so much better once Nora sleeps through the night. The first 8 months ...tara and I were ONE. I mean...literally! I carried her EVERYWHERE in my moby wrap and then she slept with me/breastfed on demand etc. But then I started putting her to sleep on her own and put her on a routine. Its' so much better for us all (Her included!). So just try to get some pampering and down time-read a little, light reading, artsy inspirational mags. write in your journal. Do things that make you happy and fill you up. Did you receive the book Women, Food and God yet? Let me know how you are liking it. also-thanks so much for the well wishes...4 years just flew right by. XXX

  2. When I feel run down I like to take a nap! I'm a big believer in taking naps, actually. And by nap I mean about 30 minutes, 45 minutes max. Another thing is to listen to music, something that I like at that very moment (I'm a fan of soothing Native American music like Aneemah). Reading a favorite novel again. Writing in my journal. Chocolate. Most of all: no pressure, no high expectation, accepting that I'm tired, taking care of my needs. I know, this is not always easy with a little one around. Taking a walk with the baby in the stroller. I used to do that A LOT when my daughter was still a baby. It turned out to be good for both of us.