Thursday, July 1, 2010

So it begins

A couple of weeks ago I listed goals I want to accomplish during the next 6 months and one of them was to blog every day from July 1st to my 38th birthday on September 15th. Unless I miscounted that would be 77 straight days of blogging, I like the sound of that number. Isn't seven suppose to be lucky? If I manage to do it, it will definitely be a record for me. I've never managed a full 7 days of blogging, much less 77. I'm hoping that by blogging every day I will find my writing voice and also clear my head a little bit. I've been feeling very scattered lately. My mind cluttered with random thoughts. What better way to work them out.

As fate would have it, we are also leaving for vacation so I will begin my challenge while on a road trip with my hubby, baby girl and our dog. It should be interesting. We'll be visiting with my family in Missouri and then heading to California to visit with my in laws (and revisit all our favorite places from the first four years of our marriage. I'm soooo looking forward to this trip. I'm hoping that getting away for awhile will be the catalyst to change that I'm needing. We'll see.

Now I'm off to finish last minute things before we leave and deal with my crabby baby. She's six months old today and had to get shots poor thing. Hard to believe it's been half a year since she was born. It's gone by so quickly and she's getting big so fast. Sigh. I just want to slow everything down and enjoy each little moment. Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with a more interesting update. And so begins my 77 day blogging challenge.

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  1. What a great idea! I have been meaning to blog more often for quite some time but lately it's been once or twice a week at best. Ironically, I'm also turning 38 this September (the 30th.) Maybe I'll take this inspiration from you and do it also... I'll start on July 15th and go until Sept. 30th. We can support each other in this endeavor... do you mind me joining you? I'll link to you when I post about it on my blog.

    I think we're kindreds in other ways, by looking at your other recent posts. I do believe I'm a gypsy at heart also. My life dream is to travel the country by rv, selling my wares along the way, while relishing the many different areas with my fam.

    Congratulations on setting this goal! xoxo