Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Return of a bad dream

About 6 years ago, just before getting married & moving to coastal southern California I began having bad dreams about being caught in a tsunami and killed. Eventually the dreams morphed into dreams of an end of the world type great flood. I really fear drowning I guess. When we moved away from California I stopped having the dreams. Last night I had the dream again :(. Maybe it came back because of our recent visit to California or because we daydream about moving back. A small part of me worries the dreams are a premonition that something bad will come of living out there. Silly I know. I'm a bit superstitious I guess. All the stories of 2012 disasters freak me out too :). I am such a worrier.


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  1. Wow ... your trip went by too fast for me! I want you back on the road, sharing your beautiful images!

    Okay, recurring dreams ... I have a few themes that have cycled through my dreams over the years ... some have been resolved (in my dreams! The best way to purge them!) and other fade and return. Your tsunami dream sounds like a towering wave/receding beach dream I have had for many years. Usually when I am feeling overwhelmed - being flooded by things both good and not so good. Mine is usually anxiety over being washed away - and you can imagine where THAT comes from! One night, I dreamed the wave was towering over me, I was so afraid and then I realized I could dive under it. Those dreams pretty much stopped after that.

    But I think there is so much that can feel overwhelming and the fear is something vital being swept away? No answers here ...

    Commenting on an earlier post about wearing dresses and skirts ... not long after Cowgirl came home I found myself not wanting to be a schlumpy (my new word) mother. I started gravitating towards more dresses and even this year on my list of 100 things to do, I put down "wear more dresses." I tend to be more tomboyish, but I felt a need to connect to feminine energy and for me, dresses embody that. I have to wonder if some of my burgeoning creativity isn't a result of wearing dresses? I do think it is important every day to put on something that makes me feel "special" or happy - even if it is just earrings or a necklace. Simple mood lifters. And we deserve to feel good RIGHT NOW. So, bravo for painting your nails, looking at your wardrobe and deeming you deserve to celebrate you now! That's how I see it :)

    Welcome home. No worries about housekeeping ... it will still be there! Enjoy your cuddle time and the end of summer.

    xo Lis