Monday, July 19, 2010

Quiet day

After nearly three weeks spent cramped in our truck my back is a bit wonky and Nora is feeling a bit in need of some extra cuddle time so we are having a very quiet day. A day spent in our pajamas after a long lovely bath together and several very nice snuggly naps. I think Nora is happy to have all her Mommy's attention back but I do wonder if she will miss all the interaction with other people that she had while we were on our trip. I don't know what it is about her exactly but wherever we go she always draws lots of attention. People flock to us to talk to her & look at her. For two shy reserved people like my husband and I it's a unique experience suddenly being drug into the spotlight so to speak. But we love it, we love her friendly outgoing nature & want to cultivate it but it's hard because we really don't socialize with anyone or have family around for her to interact with. I know it's silly to worry over. We give her lots of attention and she's a very happy baby. I guess all parents worry and I'm no different.

I feel a bit guilty for not immediately jumping into housekeeping & projects & ecourses, etc. I don't want to lose the inspiration I gained from our trip but I feel a need for some quiet time. I'm trying to follow these little heart whispers. For example, today after my long bath I painted my toenails, something I haven't done in many years. I'm also considering buying a skirt & a dress. I can't remember the last tine I wore either but I use to love wearing skirts. For many years I've been a total frump. When you weigh far far too much clothes lose their appeal because nothing looks really good on you. Lately though I've grown tired of jeans and tshirts. I want some color & pattern & something a bit more feminine. Clothes that fit my spirit more & leave me feeling uplifted. I may not actually look beautiful but I'd like to feel beautiful and pretty colored feminine clothes would help alot.

Nora is asleep in my lap, smiling. I love her sweet little face!! Here's a photo from last night at the end of our trip. I liked the sunlight highlighting her face.


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