Thursday, July 15, 2010


She's been such a joy during this trip. Everywhere we go people come up to us to talk to her because she seems so happy & always has a smile for everyone. I love her effervescent & joyful spirit. I would love to be more like her, living IN and enjoying each moment while spreading happiness everywhere she goes.



  1. Dear Meegan-this pic is just DARLING!! One to be framed for sure. I am so glad that she was a great traveller-it is difficult at that age. Are you guys back home now, how was the trip. I know the return trip is so long and blah compared to the going there trip! Today is the last day we have access to Flying Lessons-did you cut and paste the info or buy the PDF? What are some of your plans now-classes, glad you all had a wonderful trip. Yes, we can learn so much from babies. xxx

  2. I love all your photographs but this one is my favorite so far!

    Having spent the first 3 weeks with our daughter living in a hotel, traveling around by day and lots of restaurants, we discovered she adapted really quickly and is a great traveler. Looks like you have cultivated a seasoned traveler and now there is nothing stopping you all from many adventures! well, okay, $$ limit our Indiana Jones lifestyle, but you know what I mean :)

    kiss those ocean skies for me

    xo Lis