Monday, July 26, 2010

More thoughts on Mommyhood

Tonight I had high hopes of taking a long hot bubble bath and reading a good book. The baby fell right to sleep at 8:30 & I was ready to relax. Just after I sank into the lovely hot water sweet Nora woke up. Although he tried my hubby couldn't get her to stop fussing. She wanted Mama. So right back out of the water I came. The book will be on hold for another day. Although I would have really enjoyed that bath I didn't really mind giving it up. There will be plenty of time for baths when Nora is bigger but how long do I really have to enjoy being the center of her world? A bubble bath doesn't really compare to the sweet feeling of holding & soothing my baby. -Mee

1 comment:

  1. Ah, and then you can instigate a "spa day" with your little one! Usually Thursday night at our house ... bubbles in the tub, candles, lit, toys gathered from Cowgirl's tub and brought to the big tub. I sometimes can read a little bit while she plays. But I prefer savoring the sensation of her sleek, seal pup body against mine.

    Looks like a good book though!

    xo Lis