Friday, July 2, 2010

And Away we Go

We're calling it the Nora Patriot Tour, a 2+ week road trip from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast and back again with a 4th of July stop to visit my family in Missouri and another stop in Southern California to visit the hubby's family. At six months old Nora will now be a seasoned traveler. I wish I knew how to include more than one photo in my mobile blog posts but it is what it is. I'll try to contain myself & not post photos every half hour :).



  1. Save travels and may your family enjoy making wonderful memories on this trip!

    Having just returned from a week away, it is wonderful to be "unconnected' (well, I wasn't totally offline, but very limited) and to re-examine your priorities, how you spend your time and engage with your family and the world. I look forward to seeing that one picture you get to post each stop!

    xo Lis

  2. Dear Meegan-did you leave me comments while on the road??!!! You are a serious techie (I could never do that !) and so sweet! We miss you here in blogland for sure-your warm and wonderful spirit. I am going to follow your travels-this should be so fun! Just step back and enjoy. Travelling with a little baby is difficult (without adding a dog and blogging to the mix!!). Yes, you are so right. the time just goes by so fast! Last year this time, Tara was 6 months old and I wonder, where did the time go? And that's with me spending every moment with her!! So just be present and enjoy. I am also loving the new tone of your blog-your writing seems different somehow. I think its' great! Take care and happy 4th!! Be safe! P.S. I am liking Squarespace-but I not as tech-savvy as you!! Its' still a learning curve! xxx