Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekends are for Family

I feel guilty for not using my freetime on the weekends to post a meaningful update or beautify & streamline my blog. I'd just rather sit on my porch enjoying the summer day with my little family. It's these simple moments that I cherish the most. My mind is quiet & my heart is full.



  1. dear Meegan-don't feel guilty...just enjoy these moments. Your little angel is growing so much-by leaps and bounds! Cutie:) I know what you mean about the time factor. My husband used to think it was no big deal taking care of baby until I stood my ground and left her with him for a few hours. He has a whole new respect for all the things I do after that:) Hubbies sometimes don't think that staying at home is work-but it is! And we don't get a lunch break etc. I am lucky in that my hubby does a lot around the house-cleaning, laundry etc (he's military-trained!!). But I think that once baby gets a little older and on a better sleep schedule-thing should ease up:) Sending you all my love and ...see you in class tomorrow!

  2. She is sooo beautiful! Who could work with that face to gaze into?