Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some photos

Since I can't lug my good cameras around while carrying a baby in a sling I find myself playing with my iPhone camera a lot more. I've bought a few photoediting apps for it (Camerabag, Photogene, Hipstamatic, Ransom Letters, PhotoStudio and Colorsplash). Each does different cool things and I love them all (except Colorsplash which I haven't really figured out yet). The first photo at the top of  this post was edited with Hipstamatic & Ransom Letters, the second photo was taken with the Hipstamatic app.  Here are a few photos I've taken recently on my phone and edited with my different applications, most often with Hipstamatic but there are a some edited with Camerabag as well. Generally I like my photos to be more traditional, bright clear and sharp but these apps give a funky and fun vision of the world that I'm starting to enjoy too.

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