Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sharing my creativity

As I mentioned in  recent posts I use to dabble in making Photomanipulations and Digital Art. I never took a class, read a book, or followed a tutorial so I consider myself a beginner. I just kind of bumble around in photoshop trying new things until I got a look I liked. As soon as I started making things I sort of liked, I stopped creating digital art. I got scared. I miss doing it. Anyway, here are two pieces I made using stock photos from DA.  These aren't my best work and they aren't my worst. I'm posting these because to me they relate well to my last post.

In the above photomanipulation I took the stock model's photo and smoothed & painted her skin. Painted her lips and eyebrows, changed saturation & contrast, added a filter then framed it and set it into a background I created. Then I added my own text.

This piece was made up of about half a dozen different stock photos and I used several affects on each layer. I mostly like it because of the position of the girl. She seems to be embracing life to the fullest. I love that. the quote was from a favorite skater, Katia Gordeeva.

All stock in these images are either my own or can be found at DA.


  1. I definitely think you are on to something here. I thought I had already visited your blog before Flying Lessons started but it seems to look different. At any rate it is simply beautiful...and welcoming.

  2. As a fellow "dabbler" I love what you did here! Try as I might to pour through instructional books, dabbling helps me really learn. I hope to gather some tips from you :)

    and I love the picture of you holding the bottle with "Worthy" on your arm ... i think the greatest gift our children give us is the opportunity to love them and discover our strength and power through that love. Beautiful image!

    deep breaths ... so much happening!

    xo Lis

  3. Hi Blue Moon Mama,

    I am dropping by from kelly rae's e-course, I love the name you use-Blue Moon Mama, I think it's adorable.

    As I'm not photoshop/illustrator savvy, I always envy other women who could use these software. And the picture with the girl spreading her arms out to embrace the world is perhaps the message for me-to embrace art in every of its form. But I'm trying my hands on mixed media first. It's messier than digital art, but rather fun!

    I love how you share your experience being a mom here, your baby is adorable.

    As for constructive criticism of your blog, I think you're doing very well because you're sharing your personal life rather bravely. And that's what we readers really want =). Keep it up!

  4. thanks for saying hello:) There is so much to take in over here! What a talent you are. I love your "worthy" photo. I think I'm going to take that challenge, it really is inspiring. See ya at class!!


  5. Dear BMM-I love this photo with the woman with her arms out-welcoming life, stepping into herself. wow! I did not understand a word of the digital stuff!!You are awesome at this! It's like a whole other language!I left you a pretty long comment in your next post-I mean EVERY word of it xxx

  6. I love your digital art. Cool photos and great inspirational phrases. Your comments about being a new mom are so endearing. Makes me remember when my kids were babies... I really miss that, and get to experience it again through your words. BTW, my oldest daughter is named Megan, love all forms of that name! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do have some questions for you that I will email you about privately in more detail, like where to shop in LA for cool vintage stuff... which are the best flea markets and garage sale areas, art supplies, cool places to check out etc...