Thursday, June 10, 2010


I feel like I should apologize for always posting grainy phone photos of my baby. I don't mean this to be a mommy blog but she is the center of my world now.

Is it weird that I tell my daughter every day that she's a blessing? I really want her to grow up feeling secure and wanted. I want her to have a strong sense of worth & to know that she's a special person, even if she's only special to her daddy & I. The world can be such a cold and hard place. I just want to give her a loving and happy childhood to help her through the rough times. So every day I tell her she's special or that she's made my life better. I don't know if she understands the words but I think she understands the feelings behind what I say. She's a very happy baby.

Every child is a blessing. My heart hurts for all the children in the world that have no one to celebrate their specialness. So if I seem a little over the top in my sappiness regarding my daughter forgive me. I cherish every moment with her and I have to celebrate this beautiful feeling in my blog. When she's a teenager trying my patience I'll have these blog posts to remind me of what a blessing she truly is in my life. And if you have a child give them a hug for me and tell them the world is a better place because they were born! Because it really is. If we believe in them then they will believe in themselves.



  1. I love your pictures of your daughter! I love the soft, grainy FILM (ahhhhh...) look, so no apologies!

    I am sorry blogger is giving you a hard time commenting ... honestly, i don't understand how it works and if there is a way i can improve it. i do recall from my preblogger days having troubles until i got the google account. (now i forget all my typepad account info!)

    I love the new look on your blog! the background paper is lovely ... and fantastic header!

    I am wanting to branch into twitter but so fearful i will disappear into cyberspace never to paint again ... decisions decisions!

  2. Hi Meegan
    I think your blog looks really fresh and inviting & I love your baby pictures. I am no expert, I only added my blog a week or so ago after starting the course but perhaps you could add your subscription stuff further towards the top where it sits as a priority over your fav links. (says me, I haven't even found how to get them on yet). All the best.
    Warm regards