Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Quiet Mindfulness

Open Your Eyes, Breathe Deeply

Feel Each Glorious Moment with your whole heart

For all we truly have is Right NOW

Our Worlds are filled with Beauty, Magic, Blessings, & LOVE

IF Only we can slow down and ALLOW Ourselves to be fully PRESENT.

I am feeling WORDLESS. Serene and Silent. Instead of being filled with noise and words and thoughts and questions as I always have been in the past, instead I just FEEL. No words or thoughts, I am all emotion. I read other people's beautiful, moving, meaningful blog posts and I am deeply touched but the words to respond just don't flow. I FEEL with my whole soul but I don't have the desire to analyze or to put my feelings into words. They just ARE. And I accept them without a need to work them into deep, philosophical thoughts.  Instead I am a SILENT WITNESS to the beauty other people share. It's been the same when it comes to writing here at my bloe. It is a real struggle to put words to the way that I'm feeling. And so I don't try. I know the words will start to come again. This quiet mindful contentment that has flowed into me is an amazing gift and for now I want to marinate in it. The beautiful spirit that is Graciel of EvenStar Art summed it up perfectly in a comment she left recently,  " Take a good look at your life right now...right now!.. This is what perfect looks like. Enjoy!!"

And so that is what I'm doing. In Quiet Mindfulness. Each breath, each moment is a blessing and I celebrate them all.


  1. Oh, I so know what you are saying! (or not saying?)

    Sometimes we just need to soak it all in ...

    "To me the meanest flower that blows can give
    Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears."

    (I always mis-remember this Wordsworth line as ending with "words" not "tears" but similar sentiment.)

  2. Dear BMM-I can just feel your serenity and sweet silence, being mindful, peaceful, joyFULL...Yes, just soak up all that love from this alone time with your baby girl. It is perfect!
    Sorry your comment got lost in cyberspace yesterday-so annoying when that happens. Thanks again for allowing me to use your image-you belong with all those amazing artists.
    I am messing around here on photoshop elements 8-newly installed and a bit difficult to navigate for me:(