Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My first Mother's Day

I had a wonderful first Mother's day. I'm so lucky to have such a great husband and the sweetest baby in the world. She smiles all the time! My hubby took me to Hudgin's Nursery near our house and bought me 2 big yellow Julia Childs rose bushes (lovely scent), several climbing jasmine vines and decorative grass. I'd love to buy flowers every year and have living memories growing in our yard. Afterwards we went to a Japanese Steak House and had an incredibly delicious meal. Then  we spent the rest of the day just enjoying eachother. It was lovely!!


  1. Dear BlueMoon Mamma-so so sweet! The first mothers Day is so special-I am so glad that you had such a wonderfully sweet time. I also love the idea of creating living memories-the plants can grow with baby-and your love:) So special. Thanks for making up a special post on CA for me-that is so very sweet of you. You are so very welcome about the posts I left you-just savor EVERY moment with your baby-before you know it, she will be a toddler...I had a GREAT time on our cruise-but guess what...I am glad to be back home and into our routine! It sounds a little crazy I know...but there's only so much relaxing you can do!!

  2. To Blue Moon Mama,
    1. I think your name is rockin'!
    2. I love your suggestions for rooting and lighting a candle and using scents that you commented to my blog. Will try it & love it.
    3. You're first Mother's Day post and photos were touching.
    Can't wait to for the e-course, let's stay in touch!

  3. Happy First Mother's Day. Take lots of photos because they grow up so quick. My son just turned 6 and it is hard to remember how tiny he use to be. I love your blog and will visit it often!

  4. So nice to hear you have a lovely first Mother's Day. Those early years are so so precious.

    See you soon at "flight school"

  5. Dear BMM-I took a look at your Zarbock photography site-and what amazing pics! Truly beautiful! I am so excited that you are signed up for Kelly's class-I really think we are all going to learn so much. It's so exciting-isn't it? To start this journey together...I hope that your migraine has passed(that really sucks)...and baby is feeling better. Have you tried gripe water-its' supposed to ease baby's tummy. I am going to try to look at some of the blogs via Kelly's class but there ares so many now! I will have to do a little at a time! So glad to hear all the great news you have going at your end...

  6. Meegan, BlueMoonMamaMay 13, 2010 at 12:32 PM

    Nora finally took a nice long nap this morning and instead of spending it cleaning house and catching up laundry like I should I went to the forum and visited every one of the blogs. It's so interesting to see who will be participating. I only commented at a few and I even added some to my Places of Beauty blogroll because they touched me immediately.

    Glad you liked my photography site. It's just mainly my iphone photos which aren't my best work but soon I hope to put up more, and add more photos here as well. So excited to get started with the class! Uh oh baby is waking gotta run....

  7. Jenny Lee WentworthMay 13, 2010 at 4:52 PM

    Hey there,
    Thanks for stopping by today! I'm enjoying looking through your fabulous photos and your little Nora is precious. Love that name too.
    Hope to get to know you in class and through our blogs! :)

  8. That's the best! I hope you had a great day.