Friday, May 28, 2010

Honored to be a MUSE

In 2005 when I first got interested in photography I stumbled into a website called DEVIANT ART, a great site where artists and photographers gather to post their work and create a community. I learned so much just from looking at the amazing photos & digital art on display and everyone was so helpful with critiques as I began to pluck up my courage and post my own attempts at photography. A few years  later I began allowing other digital artists to use some of my photography to create their own artistic vision. Sometimes my photos are prominently featured by brilliant digital artists in their creations, other times just a tiny portion of my photo is used by a beginning artist to make a simple avatar for an online game. However my stock photos are used I always feel honored to play a tiny part in the creative process of another artist. I am often amazed by the beauty they create. Today I thought I'd take a minute to showcase a couple of the more exceptional pieces of art that different artists have created using my stock photographs.

This is Journey Home by Lucreziac. Absolutely gorgeous in my personal opinion! This artist has a lovely gallery which you can find here. My original photo of the horse & his master can be found here.

This is Suladan of HARAD by Ajraan, another gorgeous piece that I love. This artist used on of my favorite, but rarely used stock photos, which you can see in it's original form here.

Another Favorite of mine is Homeward Bound by Gothic Bohemian. Someday soon I plan to print this and frame it for my bedroom I like it so much! My original stock photo of the man and boy can be found here.

A few of my stock photos have even inspired paintings such as this beautiful painting called The Captain by BWV1068 which is based on my stock portrait here.

I've been very honored to have my stock photos used by dozens of really wonderful artists. I'll try and share more of their beautiful work here on occasion. If you'd like to check out my gallery on Deviant Art here it is (PilgrimSoul). And if you have some time to spare and want a feast for the eyes, check out this link to my favorite works on DA.

In my next post I'll show you some of my own poor attempts at digital art & photomanipulation. Until then, enjoy all the beauty of your day!


  1. Absolutely amazing! I am just getting started dabbling in digital collages and boy, talk about a huge learning curve! But it is fun when things start to come together. And what an honor to have your work being used in such creative ways! I am looking forward to learning more from you :)

    And thank you for the honor of being included in your lightbearer selections. Especially THAT piece which is so important to me ... i feel like it was growing for over a year and had to get out and if i waited for perfection, then it would never have seen the light of day.

    So grateful to have connected with you! What a wonderful community of support and inspiration. See you over at Kelly Rae's!

    xo lis

  2. Dear Meegan-I had NO idea! But I am so proud of you...and I knew all along that you are a wonderful photographer. I know it must be so amazing to have your work used. See you tomorrow in class:)

  3. Dear Meegan-thank you so much for your kind words and support that you left on my blog! I was feeling totally overwhelmed plus just upset that our little family is going to be separated. But I feel much better today-especially after reading Kelly's post. I have a lot of everyone else and I owe it to myself to try. I read what you wrote and I know that you are going to accomplish your goals with photography, writing a novel (way to go!) and anything else you set out to do! Happy journaling and I am so glad that we are on this journey together dear friend:)

  4. Hi Meegan-just checking up to see how you are doing? i have not "seen" you at Kelly's class these past couple of days-How are things? How are you liking the class....I hope you are soaking all of the energy and great stuff over there. I am so glad that we are taking this class