Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Harbor House Cafe

Open since 1939 Harbor House Cafe in Dana Point, Ca. is one of my all time favorite restaurants ever. It has the feel of a vintage diner & every square inch of the place is covered in old movie posters and memorabillia. My husband and I stumbled onto the place when we were driving around Dana Point late one night & realized it was one of the only places still open at 2 am. (it's open 24 hrs. Always). We were immediately in love with the funky laid back atmosphere. The menu is amazing with dozens of choices from mexican to chinese to breakfast items. We spent 15 minutes just reading through it. Then we got the food. Oh.My.Gosh. The portions were MASSIVE. Most portion sizing in California is pretty big but at the Harbor House Cafe they are gigantic. And the food is delicious. My personal favorites were the Bacon Quesadilla (covers the plate& is stuffed with bacon) and the Hot Fudge Sundae. I swear that Sundae must be two pints of vanilla ice cream & a half pint of fudge. We took my nephews there when they visited us & convinced them to get just the sundaes as a meal(hey it was vacation) and they couldn't finish them. When an 11 year old boy can't manage to eat it all you know it's big! And don't get me started on the huge ultra yummy bowls of soup. Anyway, if you are ever in Dana Point Ca don't miss the Harbor House Cafe. You will not be disappointed!


P.S. Edited because I found a photo of my nephews with their sundaes. This snapshot doesn't do them justice. That is ONE BIG SUNDAE!

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  1. Wow-looks like a great restaurant! we have to try it out when we are out there. It's always nice to have good food recommendations-that way you don't have to find out through trial and error! thanks so much for posting this:) WE just put our home up for sale yesterday-so hopefully it will sell soon. Will keep you posted.