Monday, May 3, 2010

Dreamy Details- Dogwood Blossoms

Over at Best Shot Monday, Tracey Clark asked what dreamy details have caught your eye recently. I think of the photos I've done recently (not including the photos I've taken of my daughter,lol) I'm most drawn to the little details in photos I've taken of our Dogwood tree in bloom. The crinkly edges, little droplets of deep red staining some of the blooms, the contrast of the leaves and bark against the white flowers and the way the light and shadow played and danced across the branches enthralled me. I decided to play around with layering two of my dogwood photos together which is how I got the photo at the top of this post. I made it as a header for a collaborative photo blog I'm going to start with my husband. I thought it turned out interesting. And here are two more of my dogwood photos I really liked:

And finally, here is another dreamy little image I couldn't resist sharing. Even though it's just a grainy iphone photo I love it.:


  1. Awww! Sleeping babies are always sweet. I've always loved dogwoods. I like the one with the deep blue sky behind the tree. Very pretty!

  2. That is a beautiful banner image! As a child we had a dogwood tree and these images bring back such memories!

    and I agree with Amy Jo ... sleeping babies/children are the best! i snuck in this morning to snap a picture of my daughter asleep ... thankfully the camera didn't wake her or the next shot would have been pretty frightening :)