Friday, April 9, 2010

Bloom where you're planted

(iPhone Friday photo)

Two days ago my husband brought me three gorgeous & fragrant oriental lillies. My favorites!! I do not have a green thumb, much to my chagrin, but today I planted my beautiful lillies in front of our porch. Let's hope they stay alive!

I've been very homesick for southern California all winter. Now that it's Spring it's time to get out of the house & start exploring our new home state, Virginia. Whether we're here only the next five years or for the next 25, this is our home NOW. I have to make the most of it and learn to bloom where I'm planted. Virginia is a lovely state and it's centrally located on the eastern coast so it's perfect for doing something we love: Roadtrips!

We're thinking of taking a roadtrip tomorrow. Thistle Cove Farm in western Virginia is having their Sheep Shearing Day and since I've been enjoying her blog for awhile I thought it would be fun to visit the real life farm. The only drawback is that it's a five hour drive from our house. A year ago, before having the baby & getting the dog, we wouldn't have thought anything of a five hour drive but now it's a bit more complicated. So we're still mulling it over but I think we'll probably end up going. If so I'll try & get lots of photos & maybe a little video to share. See ya next week!



  1. THANK YOU for coming to Thistle Cove Farm and Sheep Shearing Day. I LOVELOVELOVE Nora and am over the moon you brought her.
    I only hope you enjoyed the day as much as we enjoyed your visit!

  2. It was awesome to meet you at Thistle Cove Farm (I was the one elbow deep in sheep, uh, you know.) Didn't get a chance to say much but admired your lovely daughter!

  3. We had such a good time Sandra! Thanks for hosting such a great event.

  4. It was great meeting you! We drove by your shop on our way to Mabry Mill & wished we could have stopped in. If we're in the area again we definitely will. I'll be stopping by your blog tomorrow. Can't wait to read it! Everyone was so nice at the sheep shearing. We had an excellent time!