Sunday, March 7, 2010

Keeping the Sabbath

I have been having a thoroughly enjoyable Sunday morning browsing through my blog list links and came across Goddess Leonie's blog post called Switch off Sundays and it really struck a chord with me. Several times recently I've found myself remembering fondly the relaxed Sundays of my childhood. When I was growing up all the stores & restaurants in our area were closed on Sunday. It was a day reserved for church (if you were church goers, we weren't) or for time with family & friends. My best Sunday memories were of waking up at Grandma's house to the sounds and smells of her cooking a big country breakfast with biscuits & fried potatoes. She'd usually have the kitchen radio playing country music. My Grandpa would be down the hall in their bedroom with the door open laying on the bed reading the newspaper & watching a rerun of Star Trek. My brother, sister, and I would be in the livingroom playing games in our pajamas or watching a rerun of the tv show Tarzan and eagerly awaiting the big family breakfast. Sundays were always days of playing or napping or just sitting around and talking, often times wearing our pajamas all day. It was very peaceful & a good way to recharge for the coming week. In the late 70s or early 80s things changed and the stores stopped honoring Sunday & began staying open. Sunday quickly became yet another day to rush around running errands. I miss quiet Sundays of puttering around the house. Now that I have a little family of my own I've been thinking alot about how I want us to live our lives and what kind of rituals & traditions I want my daughter to grow up with. I think I would like to give her quiet Sundays of big breakfasts, puttering around the house or park, no errands or time schedule to keep. A day of relaxation, happiness, even a touch of decadence. A day for doing things that fill your heart with happiness & serenity. A be nice to yourself day. I really should talk to my husband about how I feel and how we can keep our Sabbath sacred in our own way. Sunday should be our relaxing family day.

We're actually having a bit of a relaxing Sunday right now. Although we'd talked of going out & probably will go out later on, right now all three of us are snuggled up in bed though it's after Noon. My hubby is sleeping beside me. My baby is sleeping in my arms. I'm relaxing against a pile of pillows wrapped in a cozy comforter and listening to crooners & big band music while I browse blissfilled blogs. Currently Billie Holiday is singing Blue Moon. How very appropriate & perfect :).

I hope you're having a relaxing Sunday too!!

-here's a photo of another relaxing day taken several years ago near Laguna Beach, CA.



  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind comment you left. What a gorgeous photo this is -- at first I didn't realize the magnitude of it, and then I saw the small figure walking on the beach. Beautiful!

  2. Wow, it's a thrill to have a photographer I admire praise my photograph, thank you!

  3. Lovely photo and great post. I do my best to keep the Sabbath because "a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop".
    You give me honour by having Thistle Cove Farm on your 'Places of Beauty' sidebar; many thanks. It's my pleasure to add Blue Moon Mama to my 'Cozy Visits' sidebar.
    God's blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

  4. Sandra, thanks so much for your visit and your comment. I've been stopping by your blog for months and when I started this new blog I just had to add you to my 'Places of Beauty' list. Your blog feeds the soul. I'd be very honored to be added to your Cozy Visits list!! Maybe now that we've been introduced I'll have the courage to occasionally comment at your blog ;). See you soon!