Friday, March 12, 2010

iPhone Friday: Which way should I go?

Almost two years ago when I first got my iPhone I declared in my blog that I would have photo Fridays so that at least once a week I'd be sure to post photos. Well now thanks to inspiration from Dragonfly Reflections I'm turning that into iPhone Friday, and I'll only post photos taken and edited solely using my iPhone. I wonder if there is already a photo challenge group using this idea in blogland. There probably is, so if someone knows of one let me know so I can join! :). If not, then perhaps we can start one. I use 'we' rather optimistically hoping I occassionally get visitors here. Anyway, the above shot was taken on my iPhone about two years ago. It is in the Los Rios historic district in San Juan Capistrano, Ca; my former home and a place I deeply miss but I'll talk more on that in a future post. Till then, have a great Friday!!


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  1. I actually heard about it from LK Ludwig's site - you can view her photos at