Thursday, March 4, 2010


I wish I could post deep and meaningful thoughts filled with creativity or the beauty of life, as so many of the wonderful bloggers I read are able to write about. It isn't that I don't have these thoughts and feelings it's that I don't have much time to explore them. Right now I'm very much wrapped up in my new Mommy role. It's like a wonderful new all consuming love affair. Eventually things will balance out but right now she's my everything. I can spend an entire afternoon just watching her sleep. My thoughts are all centered around what she needs and how I can be a better Mom. It's a little strange to have my entire world turned upside down & to no longer be able to think only of myself yet I love every bit of it. Soon I know I have to spend a little less time worshipping my baby and a little more time doing laundry & housework. I will have to make new routines & get our lives on a more normal schedule. It will all take a bit of adjustment so that's what I'm working on, just trying to wrap my mind around being a mom and reorganizing our lives to include this new little person we're so blessed to have. This is such an amazing new journey we've started on and I can't wait to see what each new day brings. Today it brought me this sweet face:


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