Friday, February 26, 2010

Reaching out

I was just over at EvenStar Art & she did an open tag to all her readers. The directions were simple: go to your first folder of photos, scroll through to the 10th photo, post the photo & story behind it, then tag 5 people to play along. Since I was reading from my phone (& I'm in love with mobile posting). I'm posting the 10th photo in my phone photos. It's a ceramic rooster sitting on a sink counter in a restroom. It was taken in the bathroom of an historical society museum in Petaluma, California that we randomly stopped in during a road trip through central California in 2007. Oh how I miss those wonderful drives all around California. Petaluma was a really neat town, very picture worthy and we did it justice taking about 150 photos during our morning there.

The last part of the tag game is kind of hard for me because I don't really have close connections with any other bloggers. I read lots of blogs but rarely comment and my own blog is brand new. No one visits it. I'd like to make connections with other bloggers and become an active part of the community so I'm going to be brave and reach out to a few bloggers I admire. Hopefully they'll find this tag fun and respond. Even if they don't I can be happy with myself for trying.

I tag:

Dragonfly reflections
An Artful Life
Boho Girl
Creating Wings
- ANYONE that visits



  1. Oooooh this is a fun one - I adore my iPhone and have a boatload of pictures on there. Thanks for the tag Meegan and welcome back!!


  2. this is vibrant and colourful.
    nice sot